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  Echoes of the 1860’s (1961) CLAUDIO S. GRAFULLA (1810-1880) (arr. Donald Hunsburger) Our Civil War was fought in a period of great national devotion, remarkable enterprise and high invectiveness. The tempering of the people in the fires of conflict did bring forth that new nation of which Abraham Lincoln spoke with timeless eloquence in his Gettysburg Address. Of equal value then and of ever-increasing currency today is the vast hoard of songs, dances, marching tunes, and patriotic airs that were written during the war period or which were revived to serve a timely cause. They, too, are a chapter in American history. The 1860s were singing years, and America’s great writers of Civil War songs produced melodies which have far outlived their original purposes. Those singing years were also times for stirring music in the martial manner which, together with the quick-steps, galops and sentimental songs of the day, comprised the repertory of typical American regimental brass bands. The regimental band of the Third New Hampshire was active throughout the Civil War at Port Royal, South Carolina. The bulk of the materials included in Echoes of the 1860’s was drawn from the band books of this organization. These remarkable books were written by Claudio S. Grafulla, bandmaster of the Seventh Regiment of New York and composer of the famous march, “Washington Grays.” In their original scorings, these wonderful pieces were conceived for the over-the-shoulder brass band instruments of the Civil War period. This one-movement collection is comprised of the following melodies: General Lee’s Grand March, Recruiting Sergeant, Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming, Port Royal Galop, Lorena, Retreat, and Storm Galop.
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