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  Geographies (1998) David J. Gordon This composition, begun in 1996, was written for the Yale Concert Band. It is a set of two impressions of the natural world: the first of the sea with its restless, cyclic motion and the second of the land with its angular shapes and abrupt changes. The heart of “Seascape” is the constant murmuring of the waves, at times calm while at other times turbulent. On top of this are layered various choirs of instruments continually shifting like the tides as well as the gradual introduction of a modal theme that begins in the lowest instruments and rises through the band, eventually encompassing it. “Landscape” begins in the same tonal area in which “Seascape” ends, but there the similarities end. In contrast to the watery smoothness of the first movement, here a dry, mountainous region is depicted with clear-cut rhythms and abrupt changes. The movement is roughly divided into three sections, with the first containing an energetic, angular theme, and the second a fugato on a playful, soloistic one. In the final section the second theme is further developed and mixed with a driving, repeated rhythmic figure that eventually brings the work to a close. David J. Gordon was born in Brooklyn, New York. He is a junior majoring in music in Jonathan Edwards college.
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