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  Third Alarm March (1900) EDWIN F. GOLDMAN (1878-1956) Bucket brigades, hand pumps, steam and gasoline pumpers, aerial and water-tower trucks, high-pressure trucks, and several other types of equipment have been used in fighting fires during the last few centuries. Many of the large city fire departments had their own bands, sometimes conducted by directors who were also composers. The Ôfire alarm’ became a popular type of march often programmed as the novelty selection on 19th-century band concerts. The alarm march often included the actual sounds of the race to the firefightÑthe clip-clop of the horse hooves pulling the trucks, or the bells, whistles, and sirens of the engines. The Third Alarm March is one of the more popular of the fire alarm novelty marches, joining The Night Alarm by D. W. Reeves, and The Midnight Fire Alarm! by Harry Lincoln.
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