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  American Civil War Fantasy (1971) [arr. JERRY BILIK] American Civil War Fantasy is a musical depiction of the mood of the United States before, during, and after the Civil War. The Fantasy begins with tunes that were popular during the mid-nineteenth century: Listen To The Mocking Bird, Dixieland (which was from a popular minstrel song), and De Camptown Races. From a distance, one hears the sound of drums and the strain of John Brown’s Body, announcing the first signs of the coming conflict. Little whispers of Dixie and The Battle Cry of Freedom become intermingled, and then comes the South’s rallying song, Maryland, My Maryland (O Tannenbaum). This gives way to the Union hymn, The Battle Cry of Freedom, and then When Johnny Comes Marching Home, representing the young Americans from the North and the South who were called from their homes to fight one another. The pre-war reverie winds down and weaves through the sentimental tune, Just Before the Battle Mother. The mood is broken by the thunder of drums as one pictures the first Northern armies on the move, Marching Through Georgia, and then the Southern troops’ retaliation, The Yellow Rose of Texas. The conflicting musical fragments lead to a cannonade of percussion. The noisy tumult dies away; The Battle Hymn of the Republic appearsÑ a Republic restored but not proud of its costly victory.
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