In addition to the Tercentennial DeVane Lecture Series, events on and off the Yale campus will examine the practical implications of democratic ideas and ideals for Yale students and staff, the larger New Haven community, and for the nation as a whole. Other University departments and programs are sponsoring forums that contribute to the general theme of the Devane Lectures. During the course of the spring, invited guests and local participants will discuss topics such as immigration, the implications of religious identity for participation in a secular university or society, the role of churches in promoting social justice, schools and democratic aspirations, the impact of the media on local democracy, and the contribution of voluntarism to the vitality of a democratic society. The International Festival of Arts and Ideas, held in New Haven in June, will also explore themes related to democracy and the political process.

The culminating Tercentennial celebration in October 2001 offers opportunities to reflect on Yales role in training future leaders in democracy. In particular to imagine how institutions of higher education can best seek to enlighten and shape the citizens and leaders of the future.

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