An Overview of WYSE

WYSE is a mentorship program that provides young women from 12 to 14 with decision-making skills. College-age mentors conduct weekly group sessions on a variety of topics affecting young women, and provide one on one mentorship outside of the sessions. The young women are encouraged to share their opinions, ideas and knowledge, and to take control of their own lives and their environment.

Our Primary Goals:
  • To promote self-confidence and self-identity
  • To provide a community of peer support and friendship
  • To make young women aware of current issues affecting them, including discrimination, violence, and sex and health education
  • To provide resources and information that will enable young women to make the best choices regarding their educational and professional futures.
  • To engage young women in community education and activitism.

Why is WYSE needed?
More than ever, women bear the brunt of poverty, discrimination, and violence. For the last four years, WYSE has sought to provide young women with the tools necessary to contend with these problems. WYSE provides young women with information to help them take control of their world, position themselves advantageously within it, and change the conditions that keep them and their peers from achieving their potential. We want to encourage high aspirations in these young women and to show them how to access resources.