Rental FAQ

How many people does Woolsey Hall seat?

Woolsey Hall seats 2,651 people.

How do I check Woolsey Hall’s availability on a particular date?

Review the steps outlined here.

How much in advance should I attempt to book an event?

Due to the highly limited availability of the venue, you should seek a reservation no later than three months in advance. Earlier booking increases chances for availability.

How much does it cost to rent Woolsey Hall?

Yale Affiliated Groups

Woolsey Hall FY12 ISP Rates Schedule
effective 7/1/2011

  M-F regular M-F overtime;
Sa-Su all
Woolsey Stage Manager $34.13 $51.20
Yale Police Services (4hr. min.)/Officer $68.61 $68.61
Custodial (2 custodians required) $42.00 $63.00
Physical Plant $82.00 $123.00

Non Affiliated Groups


Additional fees, which will be detailed in advance, may apply.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in 10 business days.

Can I see photos of the Woolsey Hall performance space?

Yes. Photos of Woolsey Hall performance space are available on our photos page.

Can I book reception space or use of the President’s Room with my reservation request for Woolsey Hall?

No. The booking of reception space and the President’s Room, must be made to Yale Dining Services independently of your request to book Woolsey Hall. Dining Services can be reached at (203)432-0470.