Index of Sites

Alma Mater
Berkeley College Reliefs
Branford Mendel Room
Corbey Court
Cross Campus
Davenport Dining Hall Portrait
Farrand Courtyard
Grove Street Cemetery
Harkness Tower and Quadrangle
Harkness Hall
Helen Hadley Hall
Hewitt Quadrangle
High Street Bridge
Jane Ellen Hope Winchester Building
Jonathan Edwards College Junior Common Room
Kirtland Hall
Lauder Hall
Law School
Linsly-Chittenden Hall Tiffany Window
Leet Oliver Memorial Hall
Leigh Hall
Linonia and Brothers Room
Mary S. Harkness Auditorium
Memorial Hall
Nathan Hale and Connecticut Hall
O'Connor Award
Payne Whitney Gymnasium
The President’s House
President’s Room
Rose Center
Sarah Edwards
Saybrook Dining Hall Portraits
School of Nursing
Skull and Bones
Sprague Hall
Sterling Relief
Timothy Dwight
Trumbull Dining Hall
Trumbull Relief
War Memorial
Arthur K. Watson Hall
Women Faculty Forum
Women's Center
The Women’s Table
Woodbridge Hall
Woolsey Hall
Yale Fence
Yale School of Fine Arts
Yale School of Medicine