Fall 2013

Nietzsche and Emerson
5 pm, Room 208

This semester’s Franke Lectures have been organized in conjunction with the Yale College seminar taught by Paul North, Associate Professor of German, and Paul Grimstad, Assistant Professor of English. The lectures are made possible by the generosity of Richard and Barbara Franke, and are intended to present important topics in the Humanities to a wide and general audience.

Thursday, September 26
David Mikics, University of Houston
"Emerson, Nietzsche, and the Romantic World"

Thursday, October 3
Ross Posnock, Columbia University
"On the Pleasures of Self-Misunderstanding: 'How One Becomes What One Is' in Nietzsche and Emerson"

Thursday, November 7
Kathleen M. Higgins, University of Texas Austin
"'Thoughts That Come on Doves' Feet': Philosophy as Experience in the Work of Friedrich Nietzsche"

Thursday, November 14
David Farrell Krell, Brown University
"Emerson, Nietzsche's Voluptuary?"



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