free and open to the public

Thursday, April 17
John Hubley Centennial

A traveling program of films by animators John and Faith Hubley, all in new 35mm prints, celebrating John Hubley's 100th birthday.
ADVENTURES OF AN * (1956) 10:44 min TENDER GAME (1958) 5:48 min
MOONBIRD (1959) 10:00 min
THE HAT (1964) 18:75 min
URBANISSIMO (1967) 5:38 min
WINDY DAY (1968) 9:21 min
OF MEN AND DEMONS (1968) 9:00 min EGGS (1970) 10:00 min
(Film Study Center, Cinema Conservancy and Films at the Whitney)
7 pm, Auditorium

Thursday, April 17–Saturday, April 19
Stone and Sparrow by Laurel Durning-Hammond and Alex Ratner Directed by Annette Jolles
A Senior Project in Theater Studies for Laurel Durning-Hammond
(Theater Studies and Whitney Humanities Center)
8 pm, Whitney (Black Box) Theater
Saturday performances at 2 and 8 pm
For tickets and information, visit Stone and Sparrow's Yale Drama Coalition Page

Saturday, April 19
Wild Strawberries (USA, 1957) 91 min. 35mm.
Director Ingmar Bergman
(Yale Film Society and Films at the Whitney)
7pm, Auditorium

Monday, April 21
Peter Godfrey-Smith, City University of New York "Life Cycles and Natural Selection"
(Franke Program in Science and the Humanities)
4 pm, Room 208

Tuesday, April 22
The Shulman Lectures in Science and the Humanities

The Question of Evidence
Peter Galison, Harvard University
"Wastelands and Wilderness: Nuclear Lands"
5 pm, Room 208

Tuesday, April 22
A Touch of Sin (China, 2013) 125 min.
Director Jia Zhangke
Followed by a roundtable discussion with Professor Dudley Andrew (Film Studies), Professor Deborah Davis (Sociology), Dr. Mia Liu (East Asian Studies), and Professor Jiwei Xiao (Fairfield University)
(Council on East Asian Studies, YIRA’s Global Perspectives Society, and Films at the Whitney)
7 pm, Auditorium

Wednesday, April 23
Yale Program for the Study of Antisemitism

The Benjamin (Yale 1962) and Barbara Zucker Lecture Series
Bernard Wasserstein, University of Chicago
"The Ambiguity of Virtue: Gertrude van Tijn and the Fate of the Dutch Jews during the
Second World War”
(Yale Program for the Study of Antisemitism and Whitney Humanities Center)
5 pm, Room 208

Thursday, April 24
Tchaikovsky and Liszt

Romances, Lieder, and Mélodies Performed by instrumentalists and singers
from Richard Lalli's Performance of
Vocal Music Seminar
(Department of Music and Music at the Whitney)
4:30 pm, Auditorium

Thursday, April 24
Reni Celeste Memorial Lecture

Jean-Pierre Gorin, University of
California San Diego
"The Film Essay: Some Fault Lines to Consider"
(Reni Celeste Memorial Fund, Film Studies Program, Yale School of Art, Department of History of Art, Department of Comparative Literature, Department of French, Molière and Co. Fund in memory of June Beckelman Guicharnaud, and Films at the Whitney)
5 pm, Room 208

Thursday, April 24
Acceptance (USA, 2013) 50 min.
Director Ryan Chan
Followed by Q & A with the director and writers
(International Students Organization and
Whiney Humanities Center)
7:30 pm, Auditorium

Friday, April 25
Film Cultures Colloquium and
Screening Series

The Cheat (USA, 1915) 60 min. 16mm.
Director Cecil B. DeMille
7 pm, Auditorium
The Blot (USA, 1921) 90 min. 16mm .**WITH LIVE MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT**
Director Lois Weber
8 pm, Auditorium
(Film Studies Program; Yale Film Study Center, courtesy of Paul L. Joskow; Dean's Fund for Student Symposia; Public Humanities at Yale; and Films at the Whitney, supported by the Barbakow Fund for Innovative Film Programs at Yale)

Friday, April 25–Sunday, April 27
CCS 10th Anniversary Conference
“Advancing Cultural Sociology”
(Department of Sociology, Center for Cultural Sociology, and Whitney Humanities Center)
For more information email or see http://ccs.research.yale. edu/events/ccs-2014/

Saturday, April 26
Chinatown (USA, 1974) 130 min. 35mm.
Director Roman Polanski
(Yale Film Society and Films at the Whitney)
7 pm, Auditorium

Wednesday, April 30
Things Left Behind (USA, 2012) 80 min.
Director Linda Hoaglund
Screening followed by a Q&A with the director
(Council on East Asian Studies and
Films at the Whitney)
7 pm, Auditorium

Thursday, May 1
Comparative Ancient and Medieval Political Thought Workshop

(International Conference for the Study of Political Thought and Whitney Humanities Center)
8:45 am, Room 208
For more information email or see Poster

Thursday, May 1
Jenny Reardon, University of California Santa Cruz
"The Postgenomic Condition: Ethics, Justice, Knowledge After the Genome"
(Franke Program in Science and the Humanities)
4 pm, Auditorium

Monday, May 5
Carl Craver, Washington University
"Levels and Emergence: A Mechanistic Perspective"
(Resonance Research Center and
Franke Program in Science and the Humanities)
4 pm, Room 208



Thursday, April 3–Friday, June 20
Visions of the Sacred: Puppets and Performing Arts of South and Southeast Asia
Curated by Kathy Foley
The Gallery at the Whitney
Whitney Humanities Center 53 Wall Street
MW 3–5 pm
Or by appointment at (203) 432-0670
Presented in collaboration with the Institute of Sacred Music and the Department of
Religious Studies

The exhibit is drawn from curator Kathy Foley's collection of Asian religious theater materials. Foley is professor of theater arts at the University of California Santa Cruz.