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Discussions and workshops

Amazing though our plenary speakers are, this isn’t an occasion for simply sitting and listening—it’s a time for people to talk together.  Most of us have led lives profoundly shaped by our participation in gender and sexuality studies.  What have those lives looked like (personally, politically, and professionally)?  What insights and skills might we share with one another?  What frustrations and contradictions might we strategize about together? 

We’re turning to you, our alums, to create these small group discussions and workshops.  What issues do you want to address, and how?  You can share your ideas for others to pursue; you can also propose to organize or lead such a session yourself.  Organizing and/or leading a session could be a great opportunity for collaboration—we can facilitate connections in order to help this happen. (See below for a list of ideas others have sent in.)

Interested? This should be low key and fun! Email Melanie Boyd to explore the possibilities.


In the Works:

      • Martha Burgess  Feminist and Queer Art-Making
      • Maureen Connoly  Feminist Approaches to Menopause
      • Chani Waterhouse and Melanie Boyd  From Theory to Practice—putting the scholarship to work?
      • Annie Hanaway  Domesticated Radicalism? (Or, Will parenting and partnerships destroy what’s left of our radical student selves?)
      • Audrey Tucker  Dealing with Sexual Violence—at Yale and elsewhere
      • Current WGSS Students: Feminist and LGBT Activism at Yale Today