W1YU - The Yale Amateur Radio Club

On the Air & EchoLink

Schedule: Tuesdays, 0115Z = 9:15 PM EDT.

The W1YU club is entering the 21st century with VHF- and Internet-based wide-area club meetings using the EchoLink system! See the W1YU EchoLink Page for details. (With an actual MP3 clip!)

through EchoLink:

  • conference NEW-ENG (#9123). See new-eng.com.
  • K1SOX-R (#7505) if NEW-ENG is unavailable.

How to use EchoLink on your PC? Check out Echolink.org.

through VHF:

  • K1SOX/R (147.505, -1 MHz, PL 77.0, W. Haven with automatic voted receivers in Trumbull, W. Haven, and Woodbridge)

Has our station ever been busy! Read the Operations Reports about Echolink nets and HF activity. W1YU/x -- our callsign is available for "loan" to members of the group.

June, 2006 - aa6e, webmaster