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Yale Cable Television Service FAQ

Does the Basic Package have ESPN and MTV?

ESPN, MTV and many other cable channels are available only in the Expanded Basic package. Including these and other cable channels into the Basic package was rejected because the price of these services would have excessively raised the cost that residents pay. Not all students want these services or would be willing to pay for them, so the best solution seemed to be to include them in the optional subscription package.

Can I get Pay-Per-View?

Pay-Per-View is available from Comcast by calling 1-800-266-2278.

How do I sign up for additional services?

You can call Comcast directly at 1-800-266-2278

What are the "Yale Channels"?

As a public service, Comcast provides a number of channels that the University may use to broadcast its own instructional and research programming including Yale special event coverage within the property of the University. YTV, a student run channel currently broadcasts on channel 24, along with Research Channel on channel 14, and the Yale Center for Language Study on channels 5 & 8.

Will this work with my television?

The system can interface--without a cable box--to any "cable ready" television Note that you will need a standard coaxial cable to connect your television to the cable outlet.

I have my own set top box with a descrambler. Can I use it to get the Expanded Basic channels?

Your set top box won't provide you access to the Expanded Basic service. The system at Yale uses a technology called "interdiction" which blocks delivery of the additional channels to the room or suite unless it has been turned on through software by the Comcast office staff. If you subscribe to Premium channels above Expanded Basic or want Pay-Per-View services, Comcast will supply a compatible set top box.

I want to hook up my stereo receiver and a roommate's television in another room. Will regular cable and splitters work?

Yes, the system uses industry standard connectors, splitters, and cables. However, low quality components will introduce "noise" which will deteriorate your reception and perhaps the reception of our neighbors.

 There are safety factors to be considered when running cable. Generally, running additional drops across a room is to be discouraged. In recognition of these issues in suites that are already wired with multiple cable outlets, those drops will be "bridged" and considered a single service for Basic and Expanded Basic (but not Premium or Pay-Per-View).

How do I report troubles with cable television?

Troubles with the cable television in your suite or room should be reported to Comcast at 1-800-266-2278. If you do not receive a timely response to your repair call, have unresolved billing issues or service questions, please call ITS Telecommunications at (203) 432-9644.

Is the system a "Digital Cable TV" system?

The system is analog, not digital. However, the system can be modified to support digital television as the cable industry develops unified technical standards and as the University determines the need for digital transmission




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Date Last Modified: 06/07/2006