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What does Yale look like?

It depends upon what part of Yale one sees. Yale benefits from the diversity of graphic communication styles that results from meeting the varied needs of its many audiences. But we also share a common interest in reinforcing Yale’s reputation for institutional excellence, to which all parts of the University contribute and from which we all benefit. We have a shared investment in looking “like Yale.”

This Web site, prepared by the Office of the University Printer, provides an overview of Yale’s visual identity as well as guidelines on using the key graphic elements of that identity: the Yale logo and wordmarks, the Yale typeface, and Yale colors. It focuses on print publications, with general guidelines for the Web, and provides resources and downloads to ensure consistent implementation of Yale’s visual identity.

Use the Yale logo
Use Yale wordmarks

Use the Yale typeface
Use Yale colors
Describe your Yale affiliation
Design your publication process


For information on other identity and trademark policies at Yale, please see:

Web Publishing Services, for detailed guidelines on Yale’s Web identity.

Yale Licensing, for information on the proper use of the Yale name and trademarks, including the trademark licensing process for all merchandise

For information on the Yale visual identity in digital, broadcast, and moving-image media, please contact Yale Digital Dissemination.


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