Club's Get-together
September 1999
HHH (Halyna Hryn House)
From left to right: Yuriy Omelchnko, Alexander Korzh with his wife, Peter and Marina Andrews, Natalka Uboga, Andriy Cybriwsky, Olena Maslyukivska, Adrian Slywotzky' cousin, Elizabeth Kukura,  Adrian Slywotzky, Anatoliy Bizhko, Victor Protsak, Oksana Nadzhafova,  Judy An, Alexandra Holubec.
Same table - opposite end and more food on it.
Varenyky is the greatest food of all!!! Judy An and Alexa Holubec.
Late hour, Ukrainian songs and talks about life. :) Only the most endured have stayed - Ukrainians with years of experience: Tolik, Halyna, Olena, Natalka and pan Victor.
This is even later. :)
Natalka, Victor, Marina, Olena, and Tolik. Everybody is 21 here, by the way.

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