Our Respected Elders

......... Judy An
Judy An aka Ustia aka Anhelina 
Why Ukrainian: Ukrainian is an unnervingly beautiful language with a rich history, culture, and people The stimulating Ukrainian language, literature, and history courses at Yale taught by Professor Halyna Hryn have been especially important in cultivating a life-long interest in this inexhaustible subject.  Also, the Ukrainian students I've met at Yale are some of the most amazing people and closest friends I have come to know and some of the weirdest. Also, bud'mo hey with friends and family can be important., although horilka and salo can be deadly. Finally, Ukrainian folk songs are among the most beautiful in the world. 
Yale Affiliation:  Undergraduate, 2000
Major: Russian & Eastern European Studies (concentration in Ukrainian)
Personal: I'm really Korean-American with a Ukrainian bent, but most people don't notice that.  I'm also really tall, but most people don't acknowledge that, either.

Michael Andrec aka Mykhailo Andrets' (but most people don't know me as that)
Why Ukraine: Yes.
Yale Affiliation: Ph.D. '98
Major: Chemistry, specialization in biophysical chemistry, sub-specialization in macromolecular NMR spectroscopy, sub-sub-specialization in... :-)
Personal: http://home.earthlink.net/~comrevgrd
Alexander Korzh
Where from Ukraine: Kyiv
Yale Affiliation:
Olena Maslyukivska
Olena Maslyukivska 
Where from Ukraine: Shargorod, Vinnizia oblast. Though have been studying in Kyiv for 6 years.
Yale Affiliation: Forestry and Environmental Studies, 2000
Major: Environmental Management
Personal: First of all, honestly, I am a true Ukrainian, no kidding. But... I do not drink, which for you may seem unusual. :) Well, somebody has to break this vicious prejudice. It is really fun to be in the US but I miss Ukraine - a great country with beautiful people - and look forward to coming back home. Oh... here is my website. :)

Tatiana Moroz aka Tatiana Terdal
Where fromUkraine: Ternopil
Yale Affiliation: MA'98
Major: International and Development Economics
Personal: Life is beautiful ...even for a respected elder.

Oksana Nadzhafova 
Where from Ukraine: Kyiv
Yale Affiliation: Visiting fellow at the Yale School of Forestry &  Environmental Studies
Major: Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Personal: I enjoy the year I am spending at Yale University. It gives me a lot of new information about  different studying styles, courses which could be developed in Kiev University, important scientific contacts in my field of interest. I also met wonderful people here. I plan to continue our scientific collaboration in future. Find more about me here.
Yury Omelchenko
Yury Omelchenko
Where from Ukraine: Kyiv
Yale Affiliation: CC'99
 Major: Bachelors (in Math and Economics)
Personal: To be or not to be ... Ukrainian?

Ilona Toczyski
Why Ukraine: 
Yale Affiliation:
Perfect Stranger  Mykola Schwetz aka Perfect Stranger
Were from Ukraine: Lviv
Yale Affiliation: Ph.D (done!)
Major: Ukrainian Soccer
Personal: Nothing personal, OK?  :) 

From Olena: Myck this is boring. ;)