Ukrainian Conferences at Yale
April 8-9, 2000
Before the Banquet: participants and guests. From left to right: Andriy Storozhuk, Lucan Way,  Oleg Havrylyshyn with his wife, Mr. X, Mykola Riabchuk, Mr. Y, Ms. A, Ilona (a club member), George Grabowicz, Mr. Z. On the chair: Dominique Arel. (Sorry for not remembering all the names. :( )
Distinguished George Grabowicz  and Paul Bushkovitch in the company of charming Halyna Hryn.
Banquet: beautiful setting, great food! 
Mary Bennett, Miss X from the Yale Slavic Women Chorus, and Judy An.
Same table - different course.
Olena, Natalka and Andriy. "Indeed the food is great," says Natalia.;)
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