C. Brandon Ogbunugafor

MD student in Yale School of Medicine
UNCF-Merck Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests

Prior to joining the Turner lab, I worked on the behavioral and chemical ecology of malaria vectors. This work served as my introduction to ecological approaches to understanding disease-related phenomenon, an interest I carried into the Turner lab.

I am currently studying how characteristics of RNA viruses such as robustness (genetic and environmental) and generalism impact disease emergence and drug resistance. In addition, I am interested in various aspects of virus life history, including the relative evolvability of virus life history traits and potential tradeoffs between such traits.

On a grander scale, I hope to utilize my background in the ecology and evolution of infectious diseases to establish a research career in Darwinian medicine, where I can use ecological and evolutionary approaches to bring novel therapeutic regimens from the bench (and field) to the bedside.


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