Calculating the Amount Due

This worksheet should help you to calculate your 2015–2016 direct costs after your financial aid. Print out the worksheet for your own use.

Cost of Attendance
  1 Tuition, Room and Board
This includes $47,600 in tuition and $14,600 in room and board for the 2015–2016 academic year.
+ 2 Yale Health Plan
This includes $2,176 for hospitalization insurance. You may waive this insurance only if you already have valid and sufficient hospitalization coverage. To waive coverage you must submit an online waiver form with Yale Health.
$  2,176
= 3 Total Direct Charges $64,376
Loans and/or Scholarships
  4 Scholarship & Gift Aid (From Award Notice. Do not include any outside resources that have not yet been reported to SFS) $________
+ 5 Federal Direct Loan* (Less 1.073%, if applicable) $________
+ 6 Other Student Loan $________

If you are receiving any awards that are not listed on your award letter, you should notify us of them so that we can adjust your financial aid package. You should notify us by submitting the Outside Scholarship Update Form, available on our website.

*There is a 1.073% origination fee associated with the Federal Direct Student Loan that you should consider in your calculation. For example, if your Loan amount is $3,500 you should deduct 1.073%, if applicable, and list only $3,462 as a part of your calculation.

= 7 Total Deductions (Total of 4+5+6) $________
  8 Balance Due (Subtract 7 from 3)
This is the total amount of tuition and fees that you will be billed for the academic year, with approximately ½ due August 1 for the fall semester and approximately ½ due December 1 for the spring semester. In your planning, please note that this amount does not include the cost of books, supplies, travel, or personal expenses.