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This will give you information on the types of storage available.

Type 1: GENERAL, OPEN TYPE, BULK STORAGE Goods are stored in whatever containers they were packed in. The merchandise may be placed onto wooden pallet(s) and the pallet(s) placed on a storage rack or stored on the floor of the warehouse, whatever takes less space.

Type 2: FILE STORAGE By law, many departments are required to retain certain files for a particular period of time (frequently 7 years). Access or retrieval of particular files may be needed periodically. With this type of storage, cartons are placed on special storage racks in numerical sequence for access and/or retrieval of any particular carton.

The department is responsible to place their files into consistent type/size storage cartons and properly label each and every carton. If retrieval is anticipated, then clear, legible, consistent labeling is required. A common and recommended practice is that each and every carton have a unique consecutive number. It is also required that the same end panel of every carton is used for labeling. (Note that we did not refer to the top or bottom of the carton.) We also highly recommend that you do not utilize used cartons. TR&S is not responsible for contents if used cartons are utilized for storage and/or moving.

Types of cartons for file storage: Many departments utilize a pull drawer type carton often referred to as a "transfile" or stacking storage drawer. Other types of cartons are records storage boxes, string & button boxes, etc. These boxes will vary in capacity. Most of these will hold one file drawer full of files but may cost in excess of $8.00 each.

The central Stockroom has what is called a "tote", available in letter and legal sizes. They do not have a pull-out drawer feature but offer easy assembly and access, and the cost is only about $3.00 each. They will hold one full vertical file drawer of files.

NOTE: The types of storage described above do not include Archival Storage. University Archives provides white glove service in a climate controlled environment for manuscripts, records and policies over ten years old that must be preserved but can be accessed by Yale staff and researchers. They can be contacted through Yale's library system.

Type 3: PALLET VAULT STORAGE. This is the type of storage most van lines provide for household goods. Goods are stored in a closed wooden vault. You pay for the entire vault as only your material is stored in that vault. If you have fragile materials, this may be the way to go. If you are going to retrieve and return the merchandise throughout the storage period, this is definitely the method to use. You can rely on always having your space available.