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Yale's Traffic, Receiving & Stores is excited to offer
Courier Service throughout the medical campus

as well as the New Haven area. 

Courier Service can be used for on campus pick-up and delivery of small items on a pre-arranged basis or on call. Same day service is available for important items at a minimal fee. A slightly higher rate is charged for pick-up and delivery of items off campus but in the greater New Haven area. Whether you need it delivered one time or every day of the week, this service is just what you need!

of items you might use Courier Service for: tapes, important data or documents, perishable items that must be somewhere at a specific time.

BENEFITS: fast, efficient service, lower rates than commercial carriers, signatures if requested upon pick-up and/or delivery to provide accountability.

TO OBTAIN SERVICE: In the medical area, use the Medical Courier Request for Service Form faxed to 785-6948 (a cover sheet is not needed) or call 203-785-2174.