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Telephone: 203-432-5156

The main responsibility of the Science area Receiving station is to receive shipments addressed to 266 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511, for the departments located in the buildings of: Bass, JWG, KBT, OML and SPL. Departments within these buildings are responsible to pick up their shipments on a daily basis from the Receiving Room. Receiving does not deliver.

Note: Kline Geology Laboratory (KGL), Peabody Museum (PM), and Sterling Chemistry Laboratory (SCL) have their own receiving areas. Shipments for these areas should be directed to their receiving stations.

Shipments for WNSL should be routed to WNSL, Room #, 272 Whitney Avenue. They do their own receiving.

The Receiving Station is staffed by David Moore. Dave has been our Science Receiving Clerk at 266 Whitney Avenue since 1995 and is always eager to answer your delivery questions.

Telephone: 203-432-5156

In Dave's absence it is staffed by Mike Ferrucci or Larri Kinsey.


Dave Moore Photo
Dave Moore


  • Science Receiving is Open 8:00 AM - NOON, Monday - Friday.
  • In case of emergency after Noon, call Central Receiving @ 203-436-4596.
  • They are open weekdays from 1:00 - 3:30 PM.


The Receiving station for the Science area is located on the ground level of the Bass Building, Room #109A, 266 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511. Click here to see map.


This Science Area Receiving station was designed to accept and process United Parcel Service, Federal Express and similar type/size/weight shipments. Receiving is equipped to handle packages smaller than a two drawer file cabinet, weighing less than 70 pounds. We are also equipped to receive Radioactive materials.

Should a larger than normal shipment arrive for a department serviced by this station, the receiving staff will attempt to convince the carrier driver to wait while an attempt is made to contact the department. The department will have to arrange services to accept, unload and store the large shipment. Common carrier drivers are not required to wait for arrangements to be made to unload their freight, thus receiving staff cannot guarantee they will always be able to convince the driver to wait. That is why large shipments (physically larger than a two drawer file cabinet or weigh in excess of 70 lbs.) should be originally routed to Central Receiving located at 344 Winchester Ave., New Haven, CT 06511. The shipment will then be redelivered to the Yale department by T.R.&S. delivery personnel, usually on the following work day.


Yale University Science Receiving
266 Whitney Avenue

New Haven, CT 06511

If shipments are found left on the dock exterior or in the hallways, etc., our staff will attempt to process these shipments, but they cannot be responsible for any claims.

NOTE: We are not equipped to process gas cylinders.


The University is not responsible for loss or damage to personal packages or mail addressed to any of its employees at a Yale facility. In order to avoid a possible financial loss, it is strongly recommended that such items be mailed or shipped to the employee's home or to a friend or relative. (Personnel Policies and Practices Manual, November 15, 1993, Pg. 60, Section 504.3.