Local Relocation

Traffic, Receiving and Stores (TR&S)

For local office and laboratory moves you may contact Traffic, Receiving and Stores directly to schedule a move.  For more information on the services TR&S can provide, go to their web site, www.yale.edu/trs

Contract Movers and Rigging

The Transportation Office has contracts with local moving companies and riggers to handle any moving requests that can not be handled by TR&S.  Whether you need a laboratory, office or library moved, we have a mover that specializes in these areas.  Contact diane.brown@yale.edu


If your move is within your building, you may only need manpower.  Manpower is much less expensive than a professional mover and you don’t have to pay for the truck when you may not need one.  The men will come with handtrucks and dollies if requested.  You will need to supervise the men.   There is a 4-hour minimum.  The Transportation Office has a contact for this type of service.  You may fax a Request For Service form to the Transportation Office 432-3192 or contact diane.brown@yale.edu

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