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Due to the specialized nature of importing/exporting and strict rules and regulations imposed by the U.S. Government, departments should contact Diane Brown at the Transportation Office 432-9961 or email

U.S. Customs

The Transportation Office is the custodian of a Continuous Customs Bond issued by the Department of Treasury. This bond allows our department to clear shipments directly with the United States Customs Service. Our office has demonstrated considerable experience and knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures for importation to be granted this unusual authority by U.S. Customs Service. We also manage an open account established with the FDA.

For perishable and other time sensitive material we have negotiated contracts with custom brokers. For more information call Diane Brown 432-9961 or email


Food and Drug Administration

Food, drug, cosmetic and medical device imports are monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through the U.S. Customs Service.   Consequently, importers of such items must file Custom Form 3461 with the FDA at the time of entry.  The FDA Inspector will then determine whether the product imported complies with U.S. law.

If you are planning on importing any of the above-mentioned products, you may contact the FDA to see if your shipment will require a permit prior to exportation. Contact the Transportation Office, Diane Brown 432-9961 or email to obtain a telephone number for the FDA and our account number.

United States Department of Agriculture

Importing viruses, serums, toxins and analogous products for use in the treatment of domestic animals may be prohibited unless the importer holds a permit from the Department of Agriculture covering the specific product. The port director shall notify the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Veterinary Services, Washington, D.C., of the arrival of any such product. They will detain the shipment until the port director receives notice that the consignee has a permit to import such a product.

If you are planning on importing any of the above-mentioned products you may contact the USDA to see if your shipment will require a permit prior to exportation. You may contact the Transportation Office, Diane Brown 432-9961 or email, to obtain our account number.

Commercial Invoice 

Whether you are exporting or importing, every shipment needs an invoice so customs will be able to assess what you are shipping and the value.  If you don’t have a commercial invoice for the shipment, you will need to make one.

A commercial invoice can be made on your department letterhead.   The invoice must state a ship to and from address, description of what you are shipping, quantity, value of shipment (everything must have a value), and the reason why you are shipping.

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