Frequently Asked Questions

Yale University had made a job offer and it includes relocation assistance. Who should I contact?
You need to contact Diane Brown in the Transportation & Relocation office at 203-432-9961 or via email at

Does the University have preferred moving vendors?
Yes, Yale University has contracted rates with major moving companies. You need to work with the Transportation & Relocation Office.

Can I move myself?
Yes, depending on your relocation allowance. Contact the Transportation Office for more information.

Is storage Included in my relocation allowance?
No, normally storage is not a covered expense.

Is packing and unpacking included in my moving allowance?
Packing is included as long as it comes in under your moving allowance. Unpacking is not included.

What is the mileage reimbursement rate for relocation?
You can find the current mileage rate at

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