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Introduction Josephine Broude


Historical Documents

Charter and Legislation: The Yale Corporation, New Haven, 1976

1828 Curriculum Report, "Reports on the Courses of Instruction in Yale College by a Committee of the Corporation and the Academical Faculty"

Report on University Reorganization, Committee On Educational Policy of the Yale Corporation, March 17, 1919

Documents  1950-1995


Computer-Based Accounting System, Yale University, 1969

Information Technology: Beyond the Campus Network: Desktop Computers and Support, Report of the Advisory Committee on Information Technology, May 22, 1996.


Engineering Education at Yale University, Report of the Committee for the Study of Engineering Education, October 23, 1961, Barnett Dodge, Chairman

Engineering Education and Research at Yale, March 21, 1981

Faculty of Arts and Sciences and General Educational Strategy

Institute of Social Sciences: A Proposal for the Creation of the Institute of Social Sciences, June 10,1968

Report on the Division of Biological Sciences, J. Murdoch Ritchie, February 1976

Building on Strength: An Academic Strategy for Yale University, November 2. 1990

Restructuring: Report of the Committee on Restructuring the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. 1991

Faculty Appointments

University Policies Applicable to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences,  Edgar S Furniss, May 1, 1953

Proposed Alteration of the Way in which Appointments are made to the Faculty of Yale College and to the Faculty of the Graduate School, Kingman Brewster, Jr., Provost, October 12, 1961

Report to the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the Ad Hoc Committee on Policies and Procedures on Tenure Appointments, Robert A. Dahl, Chairman, June 15, 1965

Faculty Appointments: Ad Hoc Committee Report on Faculty Appointments, James Tobin, Chairman, October 1981

Financial Situation

Achieving Financial Equilibrium at Yale: A Report on the Budget, December 1977

Report of the Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty of Yale College and the Graduate School, First Committee Report, February 1979

The Financial Situation of the University: A Statement to the Yale Community, Frank M. Turner, December 10, 1991

Freedom of Expression

Report on the Committee of Freedom of Expression, C Vann Woodward, Chairman. January 8, 1975

The Report of the Committee to Study Freedom of Expression at Yale, Robert K. Adair, Chairman, 1989


Student Disruption, Letters from Dean John Perry Miller to Kingman Brewster, Jr. and President Brewster's Reply, April 1969

Governance, Report of Yale Study Commission Governance, 1971, Leon Lipson, Chairman

Report of the Committee on Governance, 1993, Jerome Berson, Chair

Research and Consulting

Research Development Committee Report (President's Committee), June 3, 1981

Report of the Committee on Cooperative Research, Patents and Licensing, Clement L. Markert, Chairman, November 1983

Memorandum to Faculty of Yale University on External Consulting Activities, William D. Nordhaus, September 11, 1986 

Research in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences: The Report of an Ad Hoc Committee, D. Allan Bromley, Chairman, November 1988

Residential College

Report on Residential College Deanships, December 1974

Report of the Committee on the Future of the Residential Colleges, Donald Kagan, Chairman, June 16, 1984


Report of the Provost's Advisory Committee on Retirement, Ellen Ryerson, Chairman, February 22, 1979

Retirement, Final Report of the Provost's Committee on Retirement Issues, Donald M. Crothers, Chair, April 7, 1993

Women, Minority, Disabled (Affirmative Action)

Report of the Committee to Recommend Procedures Concerning the Recruitment of Qualified Women, Ellen A. Peters, Chair, November 29, 1971

The Admission of Women to Yale College, Mary Arnstein, 1974

Status of Minority Students in Yale College, Robert Dahl, Chairman, 1977

Report of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences on the Education of Women, Donald Crothers, Chairman, April 1984

Report on Recruitment and Retention of Minority Group Members, Judith Rodin, Chairman, May 16, 1989

Report of the President's Committee to Monitor the Recruitment and Retention of Disabled, Minority, and Women Faculty, Gerald Jaynes, Chairman, Spring 1991

Yale College and The Graduate School

Freshman Year, Report of the President's Committee on Freshman Year, Leonard W. Doob, Charman, April 13, 1962

Yale College Program of Study, 1966, New Text written by Edmund S. Morgan in discussing course study choices.

Letter from Kingman Brewster Jr. to John Muyskens re Admissions Guidelines, March 15, 1967

New Graduate Programs in the Humanities: A Report of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Graduate School, A. Dwight Culler, Chairman, December 5, 1968

Report on the Future of the College and the Graduate School, John M. Blum, Chairman, December 11, 1972

Athletics, A. Bartlett Giamatti, AYA Speech, 1980-81

Report of an Ad Hoc Committee on the Yale College Executive Committee, Frank M. Turner, Chairman, February, 1984

Report of Ad Hoc Committee on Teaching in Yale College, Jules D. Prown, Chairman, April 25, 1989