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The Tercentennial Collection offers an array of articles and publications prepared for the anniversary, in addition to some of Yale’s more traditional insignia items. Royalties from the sales support the Tercentennial events. Visit the Tercentennial Store now online.


A Collegiate Way of Living

Mark B. Ryan

"No one, it may be, has a more intimate knowledge of the Yale residential college system than Mark Ryan," writes Richard Brodhead, Dean of Yale College, in the foreword. "Long referred to as 'the dean's dean,' Ryan brought to this job virtues that this collection of writings brilliantly displays: unfailing grace of manner and expression, devotion to the college as both an ideal and a daily social reality, and an abiding concern for the whole human welfare of each student in his charge. Ryan brought a large measure of wisdom to this job, but he also learned by living and working so intimately with students, and this volume is the distillation of that knowledge." An epilogue treats of the author's work in establishing the first residential college system in Latin America, at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico. Published by Jonathan Edwards College and handsomely designed by Yale University Printer John Gambell, the book is available through Barnes and Noble bookstore in New Haven and on-line ($15.00.)

Yale and the External World: The Shaping of the University in the 20th Century

Gaddis Smith

The culmination of Professor Smith's Devane Lectures, this is a broad analytical study of the ways in which Yale University was changed by and influential in world events during the past century: the expansion of the curriculum following World War I and its transformation yet again during the cold war; President Griswold's attempt to return Yale to its earlier ideals and free itself from external forces; how and why Yale changed from an all white male Protestant institution to today's university with its diverse student body and faculty; Yale's role in almost all the challenges to freedom of expression; the contrast in scale of science and medicine in the early decades of the century with late 20th century; how Yale and New Haven have helped and hindered each other; and recent developments and controversies. Yale University Press, Fall 2001

A Yale Album

Richard Benson

A compilation of old and new photographs documenting the 20th century at Yale.
Yale University Press, Fall 2000

Yale and New Haven: Architecture and Urbanism

Vincent Scully, Jr., Catherine Lynn, Erik Vogt, Paul Goldberger

Vincent Scully, Sterling Professor Emeritus and Lecturer in the History of Art, and other distinguished contributors examine the architectural history of Yale and the urban planning of New Haven over three centuries. This extensively illustrated work, with many new reconstruction drawings, includes a personalized introduction and overview by Professor Scully, along with essays on colonial Yale and New Haven architecture by Erik Vogt, 19th century architecture by Catherine Lynn, and the residential colleges by Paul Goldberger.

Bright Pages: Yale Writers, 1701-2001
J. D. McClatchy, editor

The book is divided into three parts. The first part includes teachers at Yale from the past half-century, who have contributed greatly to the teaching of creative writing at Yale: from the past, Robert Penn Warren and John Hersey, and from the present, John Hollander and Robert Stone. The second part of the book will be a gallery of Yale writers from World War II through the end of the 20th century. Contributors include Yale college alumni and Yale graduate school alumni from the generation of Brendan Gill, Peter Matthiessen, Calvin Trillin, William F. Buckley, Jr., Gloria Naylor, Tom Wolfe, and John Guare, as well as a younger set of writers, including David Leavitt, Claire Messud, and Craig Arnold, the 1999 Yale Younger Poet. The third section goes back to an extraordinary history dating from the 18th century and coming into the early decades of the 20th century, starting with Jonathan Edwards, Joel Barlow, John Trumbull, Noah Webster, and James Fenimore Cooper. Later writers include Sinclair Lewis, Philip Barry, Cole Porter, Archibald MacLeish, Stephen Vincent Benet, and Thornton Wilder. The book represents three centuries of the American literary imagination as it was shaped or influenced by Yale. There is a biographical head note for each writer.
Yale University Press, Spring 2001

A History of Medicine at Yale
Gerard N. Burrow, M.D.

Dr. Burrow is a professor in the School of Medicine and a special adviser to President Levin on health affairs.
Yale University Press, Fall 2001

The Idea of the University: A Reexamination

Jaroslav Pelikan

An adaptation of the 1991 lecture series by Jaroslav Pelikan that marked the beginning of the University’s focus on the Tercentennial.
Yale University Press, 2001 (reprint)

Joining the Club: A History of Jews and Yale
Dan Oren

This book examines the college life of Jews at Yale from the first Jewish graduate in 1809 to the present time, while drawing comparisons to the Jewish experience at other elite colleges and to the experience of other minorities at Yale.
Yale University Press, Spring 2001

Yale: A Celebration
J. Kenneth Brody and Alison E. Brody

Father and daughter alumni collect letters, poems, songs, and essays, each accompanied by a watercolor image by New Haven painter Leslie Ansteth Colonna. With a foreword by Richard C. Levin.
Spring 2001

The Green Guide: Yale University and New Haven
Cynthia Ochterbeck (Michelin) and Judith Schiff (Yale)

In commemoration of Yale University’s 300th birthday in 2001, Michelin Travel Publications and Yale University announce the debut of THE GREEN GUIDE: Yale University and New Haven. Find out what football, hamburgers, frisbee, pizza, Nobel laureates, and great works of art have in common. Come see where Walter Camp invented the battle of the gridiron and where Louis’ Lunch created the most popular American food ever. Retrace the steps of some of the nation’s most famous citizens, visit the first university art museum in the Western Hemisphere, or take part in the hottest discussions about pizza in the country. The first of its kind, this new title represents a unique approach to appreciating one of the world’s most distinguished institutions of higher education while supporting the local community. Michelin Travel Publications will donate $1 of every sale to New Haven Reads, a community-based initiative designed to "build a city of readers in New Haven." The program, which draws from such national initiatives as the America Reads Challenge, will support and publicize literacy partnerships, gather and disseminate information about reading in New Haven, and collect and distribute books. The guide is being sold at Yale and New Haven bookstores and many online retailers for $14.95.
Buy it now at
Michelin Travel Publications, Summer 2000

Bonawit, Stained Glass & Yale

Gay Walker

Bonawit, Stained Glass & Yale is a lavishly illustrated book on the magnificent windows at Yale and their creator, G. Owen Bonawit. Though little known, Bonawit created a dazzling variety of decorative glass for academic, commercial, and religious settings during the 1930s. The title details Bonawit's life, the stained glass field and manufacture, the selection of Yale's Modern Gothic architectural style, and other locations of Bonawit glass. Book price is $24.95 and can be ordered directly from The Wildwood Press (+$2 postage) 26761 SW 45th Dr., Wilsonville, OR 97070, e-mail is fax is 503-682-7615.


Yale Worthies: Memories of Great Faculty

Edited By Penelope Laurans, Associate Dean of Yale College and Assistant to the President for Special Projects

This book records the memories of late members of the Yale faculty and other distinguished community figures. Among profiles already collected are Maynard Mack on Chauncey Brewster Tinker, Philip Lyons on Lars Onsager, Georges May on William Clyde DeVane, and Harold Bloom on Frederick Pottle.

Words for Images: A Gallery of Poems
Edited by John Hollander and Joanna Weber with an introduction by John Hollander.

John Hollander is the Sterling Professor of English at Yale University. Joanna Weber is the Assistant Curator in the Department of European and Contemporary Art at the Yale University Art Gallery.

Twenty-two Yale graduate poets celebrate twenty-two works of art in the collection of the Yale University Art Gallery, marking the past century of creativity at Yale University. Poets are writing in response to works in the collection of the 20th century.

Poets include: Elizabeth Alexander, Jonathan Aaron, Stephen Cushman, John Burt, Rachel Wetzsteon, William Logan, Paul Kane, Robert B. Shaw, Martha Hollander, Karl Kirchwey, Annie Finch, Tony Sanders, Rosanna Warren, J. D. McClatchy, George Bradley, David R. Slavitt, John Hollander, Stephen Sandy, Stephen Burt, Craig Arnold, and Rika Lesser.

Artists whose work is being written about: Unknown artist, Pierre Bonnard, Alexander Calder, Salvador Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Walker Evans, Alberto Giacometti, Edward Hopper, Ilonka Karasz, Franz Kline, Georg Kolbe, Käthe Kollwitz, Kasimir Malevich, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Agnes Martin, Claes Thure Oldenburg, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Stella, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Edward Weston.

The book consists of an introduction by John Hollander. Each poem faces the image, followed by a short commentary on the object by Joanna Weber, and a commentary on the poem by John Hollander. A short biography and bibliography of each poet will be in the back.

In celebration of this publication, the Yale University Art Gallery is organizing an exhibition of these works and their adjacent poems entitled: A Gallery of Poems, scheduled for August 21 to November 4, 2001.

This book, published by Yale University Art Gallery, is available April 1, 2001 at a cost of $35. Hardback fully illustrated (25 images) Print run: 3000. To purchase, please visit

History of the Sciences at Yale
Sidney Altman, editor

Written by Yale Faculty, this collection of essays explores the history of sciences at Yale.
Tercentennial Office, Fall 2001


Sarah's Choice 1828 - 1832
Ramsay MacMullen

This book offers the love letters to her fiancé of Sarah Dwight Woolsey--sister of Theodore, niece of Yale's President Timothy Dwight and great-granddaughter of Jonathan Edwards. Her father would not accept the engagement, and for years it survived only through chance meetings and semi-surreptitious letters. The old merchant's objections to the fiancé were aimed at the young man's enthusiasm for culture and European travel. His sophistication attracted Sarah, who was suspected in her own circle of being too intellectual. The situation can be interpreted and its outlines made general through surrounding sources that show how open and how closed the young republic was at the time.

Sarah's Choice is published by PastTimes Press and can be ordered from North Country Books, 317-735-4877 or e-mail, Price: $25.


Inaugural Addresses of Presidents of Yale University
Josephine Broude, editor

A compilation of speeches from the Latin oration of Ezra Stiles in 1778 to Richard C. Levin's inaugural speech in 1993.
Tercentennial Office, Fall 2001

History of the Provost's Office
Josephine Broude

This volume describes the Office of the Provost's evolution from 1919 through the 20th century.
Tercentennial Office, Fall 2001

A Yale Book of Numbers, Historical Statistics of the College and University, 1701 - 1976

written by George W. Pierson

Online converted version of the original book published in 1983.

A Yale Book of Numbers, 1976 - 2000

edited by Beverly Waters, Office of Institutional Research

This book, available online only, is an updated version of the original book and contains statistical information about Yale enrollments, degrees, students, areas of study, faculty alumni, and finances.

Historical Register of Yale University, 1701-2001
Richard Szary and Josephine Broude

The Historical Register, available online only, serves as a reference of names of faculty, officers, Fellows of the Corporation, and staff members of Yale University.
Archives 300 Project, Fall 2000

Special Documents in Yale's History
Josephine Broude

This volume is now available on line click here. It includes Yale documents issued by various committees, officers, deans, and others in the past fifty years.
Tercentennial Office

Song of Yale CD

The New Varsity Quintet is proud to have produced this compilation of old and new songs of Yale for the Tercentennial celebration. The group is composed of five Yale seniors from the Whiffenpoof class of 2000, who sole purpose is to celebrate this anniversary year with intimate, flawless harmony. This album is a tribute to a long-standing tradition of excellence in music and camraderie.

To order please send an email to The CD price is $25 (incl. s&h).