The Center for Transnational Cultural Analysis (TCA) is an inter-disciplinary unit at Yale that houses multiple initiatives devoted to the study of transnationalism, global formations, cultural and international change, especially in the Global South. Those initiatives range from the Global Justice Project, the Initiative on Race, Gender and Globalization, the Initiative on the History of Sexualities, to the Initiative on Globalization Reading Group. The TCA was created in response to an absence of a forum devoted to socio-cultural analysis of transnational complexities.

The Center aims to rethink different trajectories of connection and linkage that take seriously the powerful role of international institutions and their finance restrictions but that also map new and different forms of connections with parts of the world often neglected in international policy studies or whose understanding of often restricted to conversations about aid, humanitarianism, and their status as ‘failed states.’ By rethinking the basis of engagement with a range of regions, it aims to open up a new field of critical engagement, across the humanities and social sciences but contained within neither, and through which to reflect on current phenomena of a so-called ‘global scope’.