Recent Updates:
  • TAPS is gearing up for our 2012 show - License to Tap! February 23-25th at 8pm in the Off-Broadway Theater. Check out the details here or reserve FREE tickets here!
  • TAPS auditions and tap night were rousing successes! We're happy to welcome 8 new members to our tapping family.
  • TAPS' 2011 show, Tappy Potter and the Sorcerer's Stomp, was a great success! Check out our awesome YDN review, Tappy Potter Stupefies Reviewer, and the video available on our media page!

For far, far too long, Yale students lived without the joys of tap dancing on campus. Finally, back in 1995, some enthusiastic dancers decided to put an end to this tragic existence, and they founded what is now known as TAPS. Throughout the years, TAPS has witnessed various levels of participation, growing as large as 22 members in some years, and finding fewer tapping feet in others. Regardless, though, TAPS has not ceased to have a distinct presence on campus, and will continue to infiltrate various facets of campus life. TAPS members are teachers, and you can find us at the gym - the only ones offering tap lessons on campus; TAPS members are students, and you can find us in the studio, bringing in master tappers like Jimmy Tate to help us improve our skills; TAPS members are workers, helping the community through projects like Relay for Life; and last, but certainly not least, TAPS members are performers, and our annual show is something you definitely do not want to miss! So grab your dancing shoes and jump onboard! Or, if nothing else, make sure you reserve your ticket for the TAPS show held early in the second semester of every year - we're so excited to share our passion with you!