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Sustainability at Yale
Kroon Hall

Universities have a critical role to play in curtailing global warming and providing leadership to build a more sustainable world. Our commitment requires vision, perseverance, creativity, innovation, and a willingness to adopt new practices. Yale University has set the foundation for doing just this. In 2005, President Levin established the Office of Sustainability and committed to reducing campus emissions 43% below 2005 levels by 2020. More recently, Yale also released a comprehensive three year Sustainability Strategic Plan for the campus. The visionary, but achievable goals outlined in the strategic plan are a first step in making Yale a more sustainable institution.

We hope to instill in our students, staff, and faculty a full understanding of what it means to be a part of a sustainable tomorrow. Through this self guided tour we invite you to learn more about Yale's sustainability efforts as they relate to buildings, energy, gardens and grounds.

The tour is comprised of three sections:

A color bar at the top of each page will indicate which section of the tour you are currently navigating through. Two smaller color bars to the upper right of the page will show you to see what is happening in the other two sections at that point in the tour. At any time, you can click on one of these two color bars to jump across into that section.