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Micro- Wind Turbines at Becton

Ten 1-kilowatt micro-wind turbines were installed on the roof of the Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center in 2009. Built by AeroVironment, Inc., each turbine produces up to one kilowatt of clean energy to combine into a 10-kilowatt system. At 6.5 feet tall and weighing only 60 pounds each, the horizontal axis micro-turbines demonstrate an approach to wind harvesting that is ideal for urban areas. Their compact design generates little noise and requires a breeze of just seven miles per hour to produce electricity. The Units face almost due west, and can also self-rotate 30 degrees to the north or south, depending on wind direction, to maximize efficiency. To date, the turbines have generated 12 megawatt hours of electricity annually, reducing Yale’s carbon dioxide emissions by 10,000 pounds.