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Yale E-mail

All Yale students have a University e-mail account. This section details several methods you can use to access your Yale e-mail account.

Because virus and spam emails are inconvenient messages that do not need to be read, Student Computing recommends filtering these email messages out of your Inbox. To do this, visit the Email Account Tool at or through the link on Yale WebMail (discussed below). Login to the Email Account Tool using your NetID and password. Then select the Spam Management and Virus Quarantine options to configure the spam and virus email filters.

You may also configure additional email filters to keep messages with certain senders and keywords in separate mail folders. Select the Mail Filtering option in the account tool to do this.

Web E-mail

You can use almost any web browser to access your e-mail while you are away from your own computer. Go to IMP Web E-mail located at and login with your NetID and password to check your e-mail. On the WebMail interface, you will find simplified tools to read, sort, and search your email.

Note: WebMail should not be used as a replacement for a local e-mail client like Eudora or Outlook.

For help with WebMail you can visit the WebMail help page at

Local E-mail Clients

Student Computing recommends that students use a secure local e-mail client, such as Eudora with Kerberos, Outlook with SSL, or Mail with SSL.

Click any of the links below for information on how to set up a local e-mail client. If you are interested in using a program not listed below, please contact a Computing Assistant if you need assistance.

Eudora for Windows

Eudora for Macintosh

Outlook for Windows

Outlook Express for Windows

OS X Mail