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Yale's Online Resources

Yale University SIS and OCI

Using Yale's Student Information System (SIS) website, you can review course schedules, financial aid information, billing account information, and course grades. You can access the Yale Student Information System at You can access the Yale Online Course Information at

Classes Servers

Most academic courses at Yale maintain websites on the Yale Classes servers; they are the central repository of class websites and where course syllabi are posted online. Many professors create web pages for their classes and update the pages with current course material, new assignments, and important announcements. In addition to these features, the Classes servers offer students and professors an online chat interface, as well as an interface for students to submit their assignments. Some classes are located on the original Classes site at, while others are on the new Classes server at Your professor will let you know which is correct for your class. More information on the Classes server is available at

Pantheon Space

As a Yale student you receive 250 Megabytes of network storage on Yale's Pantheon servers, which consist of Ares, Argos, Ajax, and Olympus. This space is accessible using a networked computer and software available from Yale's Software Download Site.

You are encouraged to back up your important files and documents to the Pantheon. Files stored here are automatically backed up nightly, so it is often possible to recover accidentally deleted documents that were stored on the Pantheon. For information on how to access the Pantheon, please see Accessing the Pantheon.

Never work directly off of the Pantheon! First, transfer the file to your local computer, then make your changes. When finished, transfer the file back to your Pantheon space.