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Computer Clusters

Public computing facilities, featuring both Windows and MacOS X computers, are available for use by Yale affiliates. Cluster computers are used primarily for research, e-mail, and paper writing. Kiosk computers are distributed throughout campus and are intended only for e-mail or browsing the Internet.

The three main public computer clusters are located in the basement of Connecticut Hall on Old Campus, in the lower level of Cross Campus Library, and in Room 120 of Dunham Laboratories. Clusters are also located on the second floor of Phelps Hall on Old Campus, in the basement of the MacDougal Center in the Hall of Graduate Studies, in the Kline Science Library in the basement of the Kline Biology Tower, and in Room 161A of Sterling Chemistry Laboratory.

Each residential college and graduate dorm also has a computer cluster available for use by its residents.

In addition to the software available on all cluster computers, there are also several specialized types of computers. Many clusters include desktop publishing stations (DTPs), which are equipped with scanners and advanced desktop publishing and image-editing software. The StatLab and Brewster Hall cluster computers all include additional statistics software, and the Dunham Classroom features additional engineering software.

For current cluster informaiton, including locations, hours, software, and equipment, visit: