Strobel Lab

Strobel Lab Photo Gallery

The purpose of this photo gallery is to share our memories with you. Please visit us soon for more pictures. Thank you!


Cambria's Dissertation Defense, August 2014(New)

Graduation, May 2014(New)

Lab Festivus, February 2014(New)

Dan's Dissertation Defense, September 2013(New)

Meghan's Dissertation Defense, September 2013(New)

Rob and Kat's Wedding, April 2013

Stro-Ball Happy Hour, February 2013

Camping trip to the Tremendous Cliffs, August 2012

Lab Group Pictures, July 2012

Strobel Lab Happy Hour, June 2012

Borneo Expedition, November 2011

Farewell Lunch for Nicolas and Thanh, July 2011

Ethan and Katie's Graduation, May 2011

Thanh's Dissertation Defense, May 2011

Ethan's Dissertation Defense, March 2011

Katie's Dissertation Defense, February 2011

The Strobel Lab in Pictures, 2010

Farewell Lunch for Sarah at Kumo, May 2010

Lab Group Picture, May 2010

David's Dissertation Defense, March 2010

Lab Festivus, January 2010

Sarah's Dissertation Defense, October 2009

Mary's Graduation, May 2008

Mary's Dissertation Defense, February 2008

Ribosome Conference, June 2007

Jesse and Josh's Graduation, May 2007

Scott's Mentor Award, May 2007

Jesse's Dissertation, March 2007

Lab Festivus, January 2007

Lab Festivus, January 2006

Scott's BBQ Party, August 2006

Manu's BBQ Party, July 2005