Students and Alumni of Yale


Who We Are

The Structure

We are an on-and-off-campus organization that changes lives by bringing together Yale undergraduates, graduate and professional students, and our amazing Yale alums. STAY is organizaed with an executive board consisting of our President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and our AYA-liasion as well as committees for each of our main aims. The committee chairs serve on a larger board.

The Executive Board

  • President: Mendy Yang, PC'15

  • Mendy Yang is a Piersonite (class of 2015) double majoring in Economics and Psychology. On campus, she is involved with the Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance (YANA) Fellows, Social Investment Team (SIT), peer advising, and working with cultural organizations. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in business management. Mendy will always be an adventurer and foodie at heart: her dream is to travel the world and find the most unique and delicious dining experiences along the way!

  • Vice President: Ted Schmid, PhD'15

  • Ted is a graduate student in immunobiology working in the lab of Carla Rothlin. At Yale, Ted has been highly involved in various service organizations; Ted has served as the McDougal Graduate Student Life Public Service fellow for two years, is the former chair of the STAY service committee and has been highly involved in the Yale-Jefferson Awards. Ted is also a graduate affiliate at Branford College and Co-captain of the graduate crew team. Ted completed his undergraduate work at Ball State University.

  • Secretary: Christofer Hamilton, SY'15

  • Chris is a junior in Saybrook College and is originally from Illinois. At Yale, he in a member of the Yale Band and has been involved in STAY for several years, including his term as chair of the publicity committee. This summer, Christofer will be participating in the Bulldogs in the Bluegrass Program in KY.

  • Treasurer: Holly Lauridsen, PhD'16

  • Holly is a doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering, working with Dr. Anjelica Gonzalez. Holly is very involved in the larger Yale community and serves as a McDougal Graduate Student Life fellow, a member of the Graduate Student Assembly, and is affiliated at Ezra Stiles College. Holly is originally from Portland, OR and completed her undergraduate work at Brown University.

  • AYA-Liaison: Stephen Blum, YC'74

  • Steve is the current Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Association Yale Alumni and a residential fellow at Branford College. Steve was a member of Branford while at Yale and was also an avid fencer and served as the team's captain. After graduation, Steve earned his Master's degree from NYU and had a successful career at KPMG in New York. He is a proud Yale parent of Rebecca (BA/Branford ‘07) and Max (BA/Branford ‘09; MM/Music ‘11).

    The Committees & Members

    • Service: Responsible for promoting the Yale Day of Service, the Yale-Jefferson Awards, the Yale Alumni Service Corps, and other existing alumni volunteer programs to students. May also choose to initiate new service programs that bring students and alumni together.
      • Current Chair: Casey McCarthy, ES'15
      • Current Members: Ted Schmid, PhD'15, Kyle Skinner, PhD'16
    • Publicity: Respsonsible for promoting STAY programs, events, and opportunities throughout the Yale community. Maintains STAY website and social media outlets.
      • Current Chair: Franklyn Zhu, BR'17
      • Current Members: Holly Lauridsen, PhD'16; Josephine Massey, ES'15, Donald Rodriguez, ES'15
    • Financial Literacy: Responsible for organizing Financial Life After Yale and other literacy forums to enable student to leave Yale with more practical financial information for their futures.
      • Current Chair: Steve Blum, '74 & Linda Oh, PC'17
      • Current Members:Mendy Yang, PC'15
    • Mentoring: Responsible for coordinating with UCS to implement a new mentoring system as well as creating smaller mentoring programs between students. Mentoring includes undergraduate-G&P student mentoring as well as student-alumni mentoring.
      • Current Chair: Lizz Cotzomi, BK'15 & Mark Trapani, JE'15
      • Current Members: Josephine Massey, ES'15, Holly Lauridsen, PhD'16, Anit Banerjee, PhD'14
    • Student Leadership Forums: Responsible for coordinating the semi-annual Student Leadership Forums. Planning involves sending out invitations, reading applications, planning discussion and coordinating speakers for these two day gatherings of students, alumni and other distinguished members of the Yale community.
      • Current Chair: Steve Blum, '74 & Yonghyun Kwon, TC'17
      • Current Members: Grant Gabriel, Paul Elish, SY'15
    • Networking: Responsible for planning networking and career-oriented events in the greater New Haven area. This involves coordination with alumni and other Yale Clubs to connect students and alumni in both formal and informal settings.
      • Current Chair: Zach Schloss JBK'15
      • Current Members: Anit Banerjee, PhD'14, Vicky Tu, DC'16, Michael Gu, SY'17
    • Development: In conjunction with STAY's Board and Treasurer, responsible for raising funding to support STAY's events and programs.
      • Current Chair: Alyssa Siefert, PhD'15 & Steve Blum, '74
      • Current Members: Holly Lauridsen'15

    Former Leaders

    • 2013:
      • President: Eric Eliasson, BK'14
      • Vice President: Victoria Hall-Palerm, BK'14
      • Treasurer: Alyssa Siefert, PhD'15
      • Secretary: Kate Taylor-Mighty, PC'15
      • AYA Liaison: Steve Blum, YC'74
    • 2012:
      • President: Dylan Davey
      • Vice President: Margaret Coons
      • Treasurer: Alyssa Siefert, PhD'15
      • Secretary: Victoria Hall-Palerm, BK'14
      • AYA Liaison: Steve Blum, YC'74
    • 2011: Founding Year
      • President: Brandon Levin, DC'14
      • Vice President: Omar Njie, YC'13
      • Secretary: Emily Stoops
      • Alumni Liaison: Les Fagen, YC'71