Students and Alumni of Yale


Who We Are

We are an on-and-off-campus organization that changes lives by bringing together Yale undergraduates, graduate/professional students, and our amazing Yale alums. How do we do that? Through student-alumni, shoulder-to-shoulder:

  • Connecting (e.g., mentoring pilots, career webinars)
  • Networking (e.g., student-alum minglers when alums come to campus; and—soon—around the country)
  • Learning (e.g., leadership forums, financial literacy sessions)
  • Serving (e.g., volunteer work locally and at the Yale Alumni Day of Service)

Our central purpose, previously-lacking at Yale and Yale's peers, sets us apart: our unique venues for unleashing student-alumni time and talent from three Yale communities (undergrads, graduate/professional students, and alumni/ae) as a way to form long-lasting, meaningful relationships. Our mission takes us far beyond New Haven. We aim to change lives--those of Yale students and alumni/ae, and those in places beyond Yale's day-to-day reach.