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SFT launches!


Students For Teachers is now officially a federal tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization!!!


Students For Teachers (SFT) is a national grassroots advocacy project based at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. A coalition of college students meets weekly to discuss public education reforms in the ever-important field of teacher quality. As all of us have experienced both good and bad teaching, and many of us are graduates of public school systems, we believe whole-heartedly that the most important factor in the quality of public education is the incredible influence that outstanding teachers have in the lives and direction of students. Working with teachers to enhance the quality of instruction, encouraging qualified and enthusiastic individuals to consider teaching as a profession, and educating community members about other common-sense approaches to education reform are all aspects of the SFT cause. Click on SFT Philosophy in the navigation bar to learn more about SFT's mission and objectives!




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