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Yale University
Monthly Account Statement
For the Month of July 2015

Special Messages for the Month
  • PLEASE NOTE that your payment for this bill MUST BE RECEIVED at Yale by 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the due date, August 3, 2015, in order to avoid being assessed a late fee of $125 per month (up to a total of $375 per term).  We strongly urge you to make your payment early enough for it to arrive by the due date.  This can most reliably be accomplished by using Yale eBill-ePay (http://www.yale.edu/sis/ebep/) to make your payment electronically at no extra cost.  If you use overnight mail, and only for overnight mail, the following address must be used:  Student Financial Services, Cashiers Office, 246 Church Street, 1st Floor, New Haven, CT 06510.
  • If you are a YALE COLLEGE student and have not yet advised Student Financial Services of an outside scholarship that will be paid directly to Yale University, please complete an Outside Scholarship/Resource Update Form (http://www.yale.edu/sfas/finaid/pdf-forms/OAUpdate.pdf) and fax it to (203) 777-6100.  College Savings Plans and Prepaid Tuition Plans are not outside scholarships and, therefore, should not be reported on this form.
  • Waiver requests for Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage must be submitted online at https://yhpstudentwaiver.yale.edu/.   Waivers for the fall term must be submitted no later than September 15, 2015.  Your July student account statement reflects Yale Health waivers submitted online through June 25th.  Please call Yale Health Member Services at (203) 432-0246 or email member.services@yale.edu if you need additional information.

  • Yale College students will find the annual Student Activities Fee of $125 on their July student account statements.  The Yale College Student Activities Fee benefits all undergraduate students.  It ensures adequate funding for student organizations, club sports, and student events.  The quality of special events such as Spring Fling, Fall Show, Iron Chef Yale, Community Service Week, and cultural shows all rely on participation in the Student Activities Fee.  Services such as the YCC Bass DVD Library, the UOFC capital equipment project, and the new YCC Bike Share program also draw from Student Activities Fee funding.  Funds will be managed by the Yale College Dean's Office with significant input from undergraduates.  Participation in the optional Student Activities Fee program will ensure a more robust offering of activities for all undergraduates.  If desired, students may opt out of paying the Fee by logging into the Student Information Systems web site (http://www.yale.edu/sis/) and then selecting the Yale College Student Activities Fee Waiver box from the Main Menu.  This must be done prior to 5:00 p.m. on September 15.
  • Yale College seniors will find the charge of $116 for Senior Class Dues on their July student account statements.  Senior Class Dues provide resources to support Senior Class Council-sponsored term-time programs as well as post-Yale activities.  In prior years, Senior Class Dues have paid for the Fall B-B-Q, Masquerade (Winter) Ball, Mohegan Sun Casino excursion, Pizza Nights, Senior Nights at local establishments, Senior Week events on campus, British Art Center reception, and Commencement Ball.  The payment of Senior Class Dues is optional.  However, the benefit of free admission to Senior Class Council-sponsored activities is limited to seniors who have paid the Dues.  If desired, students may opt out of paying the Dues by logging into the Student Information Systems web site (http://www.yale.edu/sis/) and then selecting the Yale College Senior Class Dues Waiver box from the Main Menu.  This must be done prior to 5:00 p.m. on September 15.
  • ATTENTION:  NEW STUDENTS - Please watch your Yale email for information regarding enrollment in the University's free Direct Deposit Program for student account credit balance refunds and also information about signing up for the Yale Charge Account Plan.

Recurring Monthly Messages
  • If you expect to receive loan funds, in accordance with federal law, you must complete all required entrance interviews and promissory notes and read all disclosure statements before such loan funds may be credited to your account.  You may check on the status of your requirements and find instructions on how to complete them by logging into the Student Information System on the web at http://www.yale.edu/sis/, selecting Financial Aid, and then Status of Financial Aid Requirements.  If you have questions, you can contact the financial aid officer for your school or the Student Financial Services Center at (203) 432-2700.  If you are a new student and have not received a Yale NetID and PIN, please contact your school's Admissions Office.
  • To view your entire student account history on the web, go to http://www.yale.edu/sis and select the Student Login option. After logging in, select Student Accounts and then Account History.
  • Call the Yale Bookstore at (203) 777-8440 with questions about Bookstore charges on your statement.
  • If your non-Yale scholarship has not yet been paid to Yale, please take whatever steps are necessary to assure that the payment is made as soon as possible in order to fulfill your financial obligation.
  • Requests for refunds of credit balances in your Yale student account must be made online at the Student Information Systems website at http://www.yale.edu/sis.  After logging in, select Student Accounts and then Refund Request from Student Account. Refund requests will be reviewed and processed when the following conditions have been met:
    • Classes for the applicable term have begun.
    • Your "Anticipated Financial Aid Credits" have been received and credited to your student account.
    • If the credit balance is the result of an overpayment by check or ePayment, 30 days have passed since receipt of the payment.
  • All bills must be paid in U.S. currency. Checks should be payable in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank. All other checks will be returned to the sender without being processed.  Payments should not be made to a student account that are in excess of the balance due (net of pending financial aid credits).  Yale reserves the right to return any overpayments.
  • ADDRESS CHANGES - Yale College students may update their Billing, Permanent, and Off-Campus addresses through the Web. Students in Yale Summer Programs should notify their registrars in writing of all address changes. All other students may update Billing, Permanent and Mailing addresses through the Web. Go to http://www.yale.edu/sis and select the Student Login option. After logging in, select Personal Data and then Addresses and Phone Numbers.
  • If you have refunds from your student account Direct Deposited to your bank account, please advise us of any changes to that account by using the Direct Deposit Authorization web site.  Go to  http://www.yale.edu/sis. Select the Student Login option.  After logging in, select Student Accounts and then select Direct Deposit Authorization.  If you have not yet enrolled in the Direct Deposit program, you can accelerate the availability of your funds by enrolling now on this site.
  • If you are a Yale College student planning to withdraw or to request a leave of absence, please notify your residential college dean on a timely basis. This is essential for proper billing.