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Student Loan Billing and Payment Office

Primary Care Loan

Annual Percentage Rate: 5%

Initial Grace Period: 12 months
Post Deferment Grace Period: none
Repayment Period: 120 months

Service Obligation:
· You must enter a residency-training program in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, combined medicine/pediatrics, preventive medicine or osteopathic general practice.
· You must complete your residency program within four years of graduation.
· You must practice in primary care until your loan is paid in full.
· If you do not comply with the service obligations, the outstanding balance of your loan will be calculated at an annual percentage rate of 18%. You must complete the Post-Residency Certification Form for Primary Care Loan Recipients and submit it to the Student Loan Billing and Payment Office on an annual basis.

Deferment types (please refer to your promissory note for detailed information):

a) Eligible primary health care residency program (maximum deferment is 4 years)

b) Peace Corp Volunteer (maximum deferment is 3 years)

c) Full time active duty in the uniformed services practicing in an eligible primary health care activity (maximum deferment is 3 years)

d) Periods of advanced professional training in primary health care

If you do not qualify for a deferment, you can apply for forbearance.