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FAQ's for Prospective Students

How do I cancel my financial aid application?

If you checked that you are interested in applying for financial aid on your application for admission, and have changed your mind, please call SFS at 203-432-2700, or email us www.yale.edu/sfs/contactus, to request the change. Please provide the student’s name and Yale ID# or date of birth. SFS will direct your request to the appropriate staff.

How do I make changes to my CSS Profile?

You cannot make changes online to your CSS Profile. If the information for income needs to be updated, SFS will make the changes based on the information reported on your current tax returns. For errors made in reporting assets, please print out the corresponding page from the CSS data confirmation report, cross out the error, and write in the correct number. Or send a letter describing the line item, explaining the reason for the error, and providing the correct information. Both documents must be signed by a parent and the student. The CSS Profile is considered to be a snapshot of a family’s finances, and we ordinarily do not change the originally reported assets due to discretionary depletion. A letter may be submitted to request a review of assets when they have been depleted due to extraordinary circumstances.

Is there a Yale form that I need to submit for my financial aid application?

The Yale form is submitted only after the admission/matriculation process is completed. The form is referred to as a Family Information Supplement and instructions with a link to the form are emailed to matriculated students in early May.

What does Yale’s “Recommended Submission Date” mean?

Yale’s Undergraduate Financial Aid Department has few hard deadlines. Most true deadlines are set by outside agencies. The recommended submission dates cited on our website are based on annual process cycles and were created to provide guidance to students and families. For example, it is estimated that it takes 6 weeks from the time a file is complete before an award letter is mailed to the student. Therefore, to guarantee an award by June 1, the recommended submission date is set in mid April. For applicants, the recommended submission date allows time to create a record in the University database and process the financial aid application.

Because recommended submission dates are guidelines, if your application is late by a day or week you may still have a completed award before 6 weeks. However, meeting the recommended submission date enables Financial Aid to guarantee the completion of financial aid packages by Yale’s admissions timeline, and allows thorough attention to every financial aid application submitted by our students and families.

What is the deadline for applying for financial aid for prospective students?

There is no deadline for applying for financial aid for prospective students. We recommend that you have your application complete by the suggested submission date. This ensures that Yale will have adequate time to process your application. If you cannot meet the suggested submission date please complete your application a.s.a.p. It is in your best interest to know what your financial aid package will be before May 1 when you need to make your matriculation decision.

When will I receive my financial aid award?

Students who are admitted and have completed their financial aid applications in ample time will receive a financial aid award letter with their letters of admission.


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