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If I tell you how much I make, can you tell me what my parent contribution will be?

There are many variables in the calculation that can impact the parents' contribution. We recommend that you try our Net Price Calculator.

What percentage of our assets are included in the parent contribution?

Approximately 5%, but this is a simplified answer considering the complexity of the calculation. For example, there are allowances against assets that reduce your net worth. Business assets calculate at a lower percentage.

I would like to work for America Reads or AmeriCounts. I was told I need Federal Work Study, but I don’t have it in my award. Why don’t I have Federal Work Study, and how can I get it?

Some students are not eligible for Federal Work Study, even though they may have a Term-Time Job award, because the Yale Undergraduate Financial Aid Policy allows the Yale family contribution to be lower than the Federal Family Contribution. Please contact Student Financial Services if you would like a final review of your federal eligibility. We will review your aid and make all adjustments possible to give you eligibility, but please understand that in some cases we are unable to award Federal Work Study.

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