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Associated Student Agencies

The Used Book Agency

TUBA is a student-run agency, which students can use to sell their course books on consignment. At the end of each semester, the students bring their books down to TUBA. The students then set the asking-price for the books (usually 60-75% of the original cover price) and fill out a contract with TUBA. This contract is valid for a full year. When the books sell, the students receive 75% of the total value of the sold books. On average, the students receive a lot more money for their course books than they would if they sold them back to the Bookstore, the Coop, or Bookhaven. At the beginning of each semester, students come down to TUBA to buy books for their new courses. On average, the price of TUBA's books is substantially lower than at the other stores, and is usually even cheaper than these stores' used books. So, on the whole, students who sell and buy books at TUBA benefit greatly.

TUBA's inventory

The inventory is alphabetized by the authors' last names. Books without authors are listed at the end. If you do not know the author's last name, but do know the title, go to "edit" on the toolbar and then to "find in page" (or hit "control" & "F"). Then search for the title (or PART of the title since the titles were sometimes abbreviated). This should help you find the desired book. If this does not work, and you still cannot find the book, we probably do not have it in our inventory.

Please note that this inventory was last updated on September 6, 2001.

Also note that there are inevitably a few inaccuracies in this inventory, though they are minimal.

Click here to view the inventory

Download a contract
It is necessary to fill out a contract in order to sell your books on consignment at TUBA. Once you have downloaded the contract onto your computer, it would probably be most convenient for you to print out a copy and fill it out in the comfort of your own room (rather than down at TUBA in Hendrie Hall).

Students often times are confused about the following parts of the contract:
A. The 8-digit code at the top of the contract:
*If my name is John Doe and it is the Spring Semester of 1999, the code would be:
S99JDOEX (the X is because Doe only has 3 letters)

B. 4 things are supposed to go in the inside cover of the books:
1) Your 8-digit code*
2) The sequence number of the book on the list at the bottom of the contract
(i.e. If the book is the fifth book on the list, you would write "5")
3) The course, for which the book was used (e.g. Math 115)
4) Your asking price for the book (e.g. $15.00)

*An example of what should be written on the book's inside cover is:
Math 115

Click here to download the contract.

The contract requires Adobes free Adobe Arcobat Reader to view and print out. Please go to www. adobe.com if you need to download the plug-in.

Contact Info

Co Manager: Dan Osnoss daniel.osnoss@yale.edu
Co Manager: Jorge Tenreiro

Associated Student Agencies 2-1888


The offices of the Agencies are located on the lower level of 246 Church Street and are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.