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YSL Dry Cleaning Price List
Effective 9/1/2012

Blazer/Sport Coat
6.00 and up
5.00 and up
Blouse 5.50 and up Shorts 5.00 and up
Coat - ¾ 12.00 and up Skirt - Plain 5.50 and up
Coat - Full 15.00 and up Skirt - Pleated 8.50 and up
Dress 12.00 and up Slacks 5.00 and up
Outer Jacket -Waist 10.00 and up Suit - 2pc 12.00 and up
Jacket - Down 14.00 and up Suit - 3pc 15.00 and up
Jeans 5.50 and up Sweater 5.00 and up
Jumpsuit 10.00 and up Tie 3.00 and up
Pants 5.50 and up Tuxedo 12.00 and up
Raincoat 15.00 and up Vest 4.50 and up
Raincoat w/lining Scarf 15.00 and up Vest - Down 8.50 and up
Scarf 3.00 and up Sweat Suit 10.00 and up
Dress Shirt - Hanger 2.00 Tuxedo/Ruffled Shirt 2.75
Dress Shirt - Box 2.00 Golf Shirt 4.50
Heavy Shirt 3.00 Tee Shirt 3.50
Blankets 15.00 and up Drapes Quote
Quilts 18.00 and up Napkins 1.00 and up
18.00 and up Rugs Quote
Tablecloths 20.00 and up Futon Covers 1.00 and up

Important note to our customers: These prices are base prices only.
There may be upcharges for garments requiring special handling due to fabric type, color, trims,
beads, sequins, leather trim etc. Ask for specific prices prior to leaving your order.


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