Sex Toys

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What are sex toys?

via Brown University's Health Education

Sex toys, or toys for short, are generally commercially manufactured toys that are intended for erotic and consensual adult activities. Most states have laws about how old a person must be in order to purchase sex toys and in fact in some states sex toys are banned all together, but sometimes they sneak under the radar as educational or demonstration models. In these cases, you may find yourself in a store that you know at heart is a sex shop, but if you ask for a dildo or a vibrator, they’re going to inform you that unfortunately they don’t sell those there yet you’re looking straight at a 9” cut, veiny silicone cock and balls.

Sex toys come in different sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and serve different purposes and are intended for different body parts. Some vibrate, some don’t. Some use batteries, some plug into the wall. Some are water-proof, some respond to heat and cold. Some are heavy, some are light. Some are black, some are white. Some can be sterilized, some can’t. Some are designed for insertion, some for external use. Sometimes BDSM equipment and sex furniture are included in this category.

What are sex toys made out of?

There are two general types of sex toys. There are those that are body-safe and those that aren’t. Body-safe sex toys are made from a variety of different materials including silicone, steel, pyrex, glass, or specially laminated wood. Companies like Tantus, Fun Factory, Vixen, Njoy and Nob Essence only manufacture toys that are body-safe.

There are other toys on the market though that are made from vinyl, latex or a combination of these with other plastics (for example, a silicone-jelly mix). These toys though are not “body-safe” and should be used only with a condom. A good way to know if a toy is made with any of these products is smell the toy…if it smells like a shower curtain it’s probably made with a chemical that should not come in direct contact with your skin. It’s always a good idea to double check and ask an employee at the place you are purchasing the toy, if it’s a good shop anyone you ask will be knowledge about the product’s materials. Don’t buy a product if you aren’t confident that you’ve gotten a full or truthful answer. Why give your money to a business that doesn’t care about your body and your health?


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