Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make icons?
At first, we really wanted to come up with a universal privacy policy. However, after looking at many popular services' privacy policies, we came to the conclusion that a universal policy would simply be too difficult. So, after looking at how Creative Commons handles copyright law, we decided that it would be easiest for both users and services if we adopted icons which could be easily understood.

Who are these icons for?

For any service that stores user data
For e-commerce services, social networks, and advertising companies, Privacy Simplified icons give you an edge on the competition. Adopting PS icons indicates a respect for the user and transparent business.

As the Mozilla Privacy Icon Project points out, "There’s an emerging marketplace for personal data, where users exchange information about themselves for online goods and services. But personal data is a currency whose exchange rate is unknown. As users begin to understand the value of their data, the market will reward companies who treat their users transparently and with respect. Over time, the fair value of these exchanges will emerge, and companies who appreciate their customers’ privacy will be rewarded."

Privacy matters. Let your users know that you're aware of that.

For users who consent to sharing personal data
"Legalese" can be hard for the average person to understand, and most people simply don't bother to read privacy policies (or terms of use, for that matter). We hope that these icons will simplify privacy policies and enable users to make well-informed decisions about whether to consent to sharing their data.

Privacy policies matter. If a company is selling your data to third parties (like spammers), wouldn't you want to know?

No one will use the bad icons!
Probably not. This just means that companies will be incentivized to improve their privacy policies!