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Offered Fall 2014 - Yale Department of Music

MUSI 232, “Central Javanese Gamelan Ensemble,” MW 2:30-3:45, Stoeckel Hall, B01
Instructor: Maho Ishiguro

This course nurtures musicianship in performing Javanese gamelan music at a basic to intermediate level, as well as engaging the theoretical and aesthetic discourse on the gamelan tradition. For the performance section, students will learn to play pieces from the classical Javanese gamelan repertoire — pieces in the forms of ketawang, lancaran, and ladrang. Students will learn essential techniques for the various instruments of their choice, and this will help them to comprehend how the musical language of gamelan and the ensemble are put together as a whole. Students willing to take up the challenge of learning the techniques for some of the more difficult instruments have the option to request private instruction and lessons outside of the regularly scheduled class time.

Assigned reading will provide students the cultural and historical context of the Javanese gamelan tradition and introduce them to the current theoretical and aesthetic discourses among ethnomusicologists. Weekly assignments will occasionally include the viewing of films on instrument making, gamelan education, and sekaten, an Islamic holiday which employs a kind of gamelan ensemble in its ritual. This course aims to provide bridges to Southeast Asian culture and to an alternative way to think about human organization of sound and musical expression. It creates a performing opportunity for students of all levels of musical competence. The end-of-semester concert constitutes the final exam of the course.

**Participation in the ensemble is open to graduate students as well as undergraduates (only graduate students whose programs permit them to take undergraduate courses can take the course for credit).

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