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Gamelan Suprabanggo


*The Gamelan Suprabanggo is currently on hiatus,
while director Sarah Weiss is on leave, 2013-2014

With funds provided by the Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies, and through the efforts of the Yale Department of Music and Yale Gamelan founding director, Dr. Sarah Weiss, this ensemble was purchased from Ki Midiyanto - Central Javanese dhalang and long time teacher at UC-Berkeley. They were shipped from Wonogiri, Indonesia where they had been used regularly for wayang and klenengan performances over the course of about four years. Shipped by sea, the instruments arrived on campus in November 2006 and were unpacked by volunteers in December. The ensemble was named Gamelan Suprabanggo, a singkatan formed from the names of the sons of Ki Midiyanto (Supraba and Anggo).

In spring semester 2007, Dr. Weiss began teaching Yale's first seminar on the history, theory, aesthetics, cultural contexts and performance of Javanese karawitan. The students in the seminar form the core of the Javanese performance ensemble which currently meets weekly (see Events, above)

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(from a program of original compositions by Yale student composers with links to mp3 uploads).

April 21, 2010
Music from Yale Composers
Hosted by Gamelan Suprabanggo and Yale College New Music

New works by: Nicholas Frankel, Ryan Harper, Rex Isenberg, JurajKojs, and John Swisher;
Featuring members of Gamelan Supraganggo and Sarah Weiss, Director
gamelan - A Javanese/Indonesian word for ensemble. The word "gamel" means to hammer something. A Central Javanese gamelan consists primarily of bronze instruments - horizontal and vertical gongs and metallophones - but also includes several stringed instruments, flutes, drums, and voices in performance. Gamelan orchestras are the traditional accompaniment to wayang shows, dances, feasts and ceremonies of Java, Indonesia. Gamelan music consists of smooth, "impressionistic" tone clusters and intensely complex intertwining rhythms and textures.

wayang - Javanese wayang kulit or wayang purwa - a dramatic form involving puppetry - derived from a Javanese Hindu-Buddhist tradition, where hand-crafted leather puppets are used to depict epic stories of the gods in shadow play.

dhalang The wayang puppeteer - in performance, employs the combined arts of puppet movement, dialogue, songs and commentary.

klenengan - Javanese gamelan music, played in soft and contemplative style, used for listening entertainment rather than for the accompaniment of a dramatic theatrical event.

>> CLICK HERE to hear music from Gamelan Suprabanggo's Inaugural Yale Concert in January 2008

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