Due to the region's linguistic diversity and variety of colonial experiences, the promotion of scholarship in Southeast Asia is challenge Southeast Asia Studies at Yale Contact Southeast Asia Studies SEAS Home Page Yale Home Page Hat, Indonesia 19th Century - Yale University Art Gallery d by extensive language training needs.


Through Council resources, formal instruction at Yale is currently offered from elementary to advanced levels in INDONESIAN and VIETNAMESE. (Detailed information on courses and syllabi can be found at these site links). The Council also endeavors to provide support for other relevant language training or tutoring needed by any serious student, including summer language study in the U.S. and abroad (>see below).

YALE SHARED COURSE INITIATIVE: In addition, beginning level instruction in KHMER is currently available, taught through distance learning using videoconferencing technology from Cornell University. Interested students should contact for more information.

The council has at various times sponsored study of Dutch, Burmese (see >Burmese Study Group), Khmer, Tagalog and Thai, both through funding of private tutoring arrangements or through the University's Directed Independent Language Study Program (DILS), coordinated through Yale's Center for Language Study..

The Yale Center for Language Study (CLS), charged with improving the coherence and excellence of language programs across the University, was created by Yale in 1998, and is one of the first of its kind in the country. CLS currently provides extensive technical resources, programs and pedagogical support to more than 50 languages, reflecting Yale's commitment to international leadership in language education.

The Council also sponsors a variety of lunchtime Language Immersion Tables annually, depending on interest and availability, and an annual spring Cultural Festival, organized and hosted by the Language Program faculty and students, and open to the University and the public.

SUMMER & STUDY ABROAD LANGUAGE PROGRAMS (click on titles for links to program sites)


SOUTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES SUMMER LANGUAGE INSTITUTE (SEASSI), an eight-week intensive language program for undergraduates, graduate students and professionals currenlty held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison each summer. Instruction is generally offered for academic credit in at least nine Southeast Asian languages at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year levels. (BURMESE, FILIPINO, HMONG, INDONESIAN, JAVANESE, KHMER, LAO, VIETNAMESE)


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*Yale undergraduates seeking CREDIT for language courses abroad must apply through the Yale Center for International Experience (CIPE) - see CIPE website for list of currently approved programs. Petitions for approval of non-listed summer programs must be submitted by MARCH 1. Click here >> for information.





  • SAIL (Study Abroad in Laos) the Lao-American College, Vientiane, Lao PDR; administered by the Center for Lao Studies, a non-profit NGO in San Francisco, California



Funding for summer language study, both in the U.S. or abroad, may be sought through the Yale SEAS Council's Grants to Students Program.

See also Blakemore Freeman Fellowships for Advanced Level language study in East or Southeast Asia: