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Kieu graphic South East Asian Studies
Vietnamese Perspectives on the War in Vietnam

Annotated Bibliography of Works in English

By John C. Schafer, English, Humboldt State University

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This is an annotated bibliography for college teachers preparing courses on the Vietnam War in departments of English, History, or Political Science, who want to include work from Vietnamese people.

The bibliography includes works by Vietnamese, most in translation but also some written first in English, that relate to the war in Vietnam. Primary focus is on the Second Indochina War, 1960-1975. Works that relate only indirectly to the war are included to provide important historical, cultural, or literary information.

There are eleven sections, grouping works by historical period (Colonial Period, Contemporary Literature, for example), genre (Historical Accounts, Literary History and Criticism, for example), or subject (Cultural Background, Imprisonment, for example). Each section includes a brief essay on the readings as a whole, giving context and suggestions for teaching.

The first section, an introduction, expands on the rationale for the whole project. The second section refers the reader to other bibliographies. The last section is a "List of Works Annotated," arranged alphabetically by author, that lists all works and directs the reader to the section where the work is annotated.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
I. Bibliographies
II. Works from the Colonial Period
III. Historical Accounts, Memoirs
IV. Literary History and Criticism
V. Autobiographical Accounts, Personal Memoirs, Reportage, Tu`y Bu't (Literary Essay)
VI. Cultural Background: Religion, Language, Myths, Legends
VII. Works of Socialist Realism from the North and "Liberated" South
VIII. Fiction from the Non-Communist South
IX. Accounts of Imprisonment and Reeducation
X. Vietnamese Exile Narratives
XI. DDo^?i Mo(+i (Reformation) Literature
Index Complete Index of Works

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