Jan 24, 2014

“An Intimate Conversation about Nôm studies and the preservation of old books and objects from Vietnam”

This discussion of Vietnamese historical sources, will consist of two short talks by two scholars of Vietnamese Nôm Studies.

    "Nom studies: from Textology to Interdisciplinary Studies," presented by Dr. Nguyen To Lan, Ph.D Literature and      Linguistic, Researcher at The Institute of Hán - Nôm Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Science, and currently a Visiting Scholar         at the Harvard-Yenching Institute.

    "Issues in digital preservation of unclassified Vietnamese historical documents,"
presented by Ngô Thanh Nhàn,      Ph.D. Linguistics, Research Fellow on Nôm Studies at the Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture & Society, Temple University,      and Visiting Scholar on Natural Language Processing of the Linguistic String Project at New York University.

Dr. Nguyen To Lan is a researcher at The Institute of Sino-Nom Studies, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences. Her doctoral study focused on Vietnamese traditional performances. Dr. Nguyen has given lectures at universities in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong on this topic. She received an ASIA Fellows Award in 2010 to carry out a comparative study of Vietnamese Tuồng and Chinese Yueju in China. She is interested in interdisciplinary research on theatre literature, folk performance and traditional customs; as well as the interactive relationship between Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea from transculturation perspective.

Ngô Thanh Nhàn
, Ph.D. linguistics, is a visiting scholar at the New York University, Computer Science, Linguistic String Project on Medical Language Processing, and a research fellow in ancient Vietnamese Nôm Studies and an Advisory Board member at the Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture & Society of Temple University. Dr. Nhàn is a founding member of the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign, and a board member of the Institute for Vietnamese Culture & Education. He currently teaches Đàn tranh Ensemble [Vietnamese 16-string zither] at the Folk Arts – Cultural Treasures Charter School with the support of the Asian Americans United. http://www.cs.nyu.edu/~nhan for a fuller resumé.

http://www.cs.nyu.edu/cs/projects/lsp for the Linguistic String Project site at NYU.

for Nôm Studies site at Temple University

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